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2010 OPDF

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BCcampus 2010 Online Program Development Fund


On Tuesday October 19, 2010 BCcampus released the 2010 OPDF call for proposals to BC's public post secondary institutions.

Here is a .pdf of the 2010 OPDF Call for Proposals.

Clicking 2010 OPDF Application Form downloads to your computer the 2010 OPDF Application Form as a Microsoft Word file to be used in preparing your OPDF proposal.

While the application form provides the basic information required, those wishing to submit more detail can attach appendices as required.

Successful evaluation is facilitated by proposals that complete all sections of this application form, are well written, and specifically address requirements as described in the call for proposals.

Clicking FAQ downloads to your computer a Microsoft Word document FAQ associated with the 2010 OPDF.

The FAQ provides a lot of guidance in preparing your proposal so please read it in advance.

Contact Paul Stacey by e-mail pstacey@bccampus.ca if you have OPDF related questions.


The BCcampus OPDF started in 2003 and has continued annually through funding provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.

This is the eighth annual round bringing the total OPDF investment up to $9 million.

The 2003-2009 OPDF History page of this wiki provides links to 2003-2009 OPDF call for proposals and annual summaries of outcomes.


To explore the 131 grants made so far, and the hundreds of online courses and course components (learning objects, labs, textbooks, manuals, videos) OPDF projects are producing, generate OPDF reports by:

1. Year

2. Institution


When OPDF resources are fully developed they are uploaded to the BCcampus Shareable Online Learning Resources (SOL*R) repository http://solr.bccampus.ca.

Resources listed in OPDF reports are available in SOL*R when their development cycle is complete.

In SOL*R you will find a rich set of search criteria, additional data about each OPDF project, and the actual content itself which you can preview and download.

OPDF applicants are encouraged to review, download, and use these resources as part of their OPDF project.

The 2010 OPDF is focused on seeing more reuse of these resources across BC public post secondary.



OPDF project resources are available for free reuse, revision, remix, and redistribution.

Online learning resources with these characteristics are known as Open Educational Resources (OER).

Additional resources, beyond those developed through the OPDF, are now available from other OER initiatives around the world.

OPDF applicants are encouraged to use these globally available OER as part of their OPDF project.

The OPDF FAQ provides starting points for finding and accessing OER from around the world.


Due date for proposals is Tuesday December 14, 2010.
Proposals must be coordinated through, approved, and submitted via e-mail by the head of institutional academic affairs.

The application form should be completed and e-mailed to: pstacey@bccampus.ca.

Evaluation, selection and award are done by independent professional peer review against criteria specified in the call for proposals.

Recommendations for award are submitted to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development for approval prior to announcement.
BCcampus is aiming to complete the evaluation and announce the awards in January 2011.

Successful proponents will be invited to an OPDF Orientation and Kickoff event organized by BCcampus in Vancouver shortly after awards are announced.


Communication and media announcements around OPDF grant awards must be coordinated with BCcampus and the Ministry of Advanced Education.

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