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2003-2009 OPDF History

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To explore the 131 grants made so far, and the hundreds of online courses and course components (learning objects, labs, textbooks, manuals, videos) OPDF projects are producing, generate OPDF reports by:

1. Year

2. Institution

3. Field of Study


All resources developed through previous rounds of the OPDF, once they have completed their development cycle, are uploaded to the BCcampus Shareable Online Learning Resources (SOL*R) repository http://solr.bccampus.ca. You can access, preview and download the resources in SOL*R.


Below are the actual call for proposals and award summary documents that were published as part of the communication for each previous round.


2003 Online Program Development Fund

2003 OPDF Call for Proposals

2003 OPDF Award Summary


2004 Online Program Development Fund

2004 OPDF Call for Proposals

2004 OPDF Award Summary


2005 Online Program Development Fund

2005 OPDF Call for Proposals

2005 OPDF Award Summary


2006 Online Program Development Fund

2006 OPDF Call for Proposals

2006 OPDF Award Summary


2007 Online Program Development Fund

2007 OPDF Call for Proposals

2007 OPDF Award Summary


2008 Online Program Development Fund

2008 OPDF Call for Proposals

2008 OPDF Award Summary


2009 Online Program Development Fund

2009 OPDF Call for Proposals

2009 OPDF Award Summary

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